The CEO Behind Ada Zuri

Posted by Saran Diaby on

You're probably wondering who is the person behind Ada Zuri? 

Saran Diaby is the owner, CEO, and brains behind this brand catered to you. Saran is a undergraduate student that is climbing her way up to the top reaching for her masters degree, majoring in Social Work. Though she was born and raised in New York City, Saran has roots that travel far to Guinea, Conakry.

Saran is the youngest and the only female child, growing up with two older brothers. She was born from two Guinean parents that immigrated to the U.S in the early 90's, she is determined to make her parents proud and establish her place in the world. Saran roams the streets of Harlem, NY for inspiration during the day. You might catch her on a bike roaming through Central Park, FDR Drive, and even through DUMBO. 

Saran draws her inspiration from the rich skin of African people. How do these people seem to glow so brightly? Well we might not know the secret but it's no secret that Shea Butter holds weight in several African regions. 

Shea Butter is multi purposeful and has been used for many purposes, we wanted to bring it to you whipped in a jar in the comfort of your own home. Over here at Ada Zuri we take melanin seriously, no matter how much of it you have.  

Who doesn't love a small business owner? Please be sure to catch us on Instagram, Etsy, and Facebook! Tell a friend and spread the word!


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